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2008 Presidental Election

For The Free, Baby!

By Gotty™ | 6 Comments

Want a free Obama sticker to celebrate his victory.

2008 Presidental Election

Crew Love – “Election Day Playlist”

By MZ | 54 Comments

Well the day of reckoning is finally upon us.

2008 Presidental Election

Definition Of Real

By Gotty™ | 4 Comments

A kid who dressed as Obama for Halloween runs into the authentic Barry.

2008 Presidental Election

A Man For The People…

By TSSCrew | 12 Comments

There is one reason I endorse Obama over McCain.

2008 Presidental Election

Last Chance…

By TSSCrew | 16 Comments

Words by Matthew Mundy Video courtesy of the good folks @ At this point it’s almost cliché for Hip-Hop artists to come out and support Obama.

2008 Presidental Election


By David D. | 8 Comments

I personally get extremely peeved when I see a comedian roast someone then kiss that person’s ass when the celebrity shows up.

2008 Presidental Election

The Obama Two-Step

By David D. | 16 Comments

I know I could probably write a post every day about Fox News’ coverage of the election, however their content is mostly a “creative” take on actual facts.

2008 Presidental Election

And Now, We Wait…

By David D. | 26 Comments

Barring some sort of major fiasco, the big game-changing moments are over.

2008 Presidental Election

Third Times A Charm…

By Gotty™ | 83 Comments

Kids learn this type of bullshit behavior from the adults in their lives.

2008 Presidental Election

Philly’s Least Wanted

By Gotty™ | 11 Comments

America's self-proclaimed "number one hockey mom" got an earful from Philly fans @ the Flyers game.

2008 Presidental Election

“The Reason For The Season…”

By Gotty™ | 55 Comments

One of those vintage gems my pops taught me was to ignore ignorance to avoid being "brought down" to another's level.

2008 Presidental Election

PSL: Politics As A Second Language

By Gotty™ | 30 Comments

After the debate last night, I watched Nightline for a translation of what really went down that maybe I wasn't aware of or able to read between the lines of.

2008 Presidental Election

“Obama FTW!”

By Gotty™ | 72 Comments

With another debate on the horizon tonight, the road to the White House is not so far off for Obama.

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