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TC is to The Smoking Section like trees are to branches and cliffs are to avalanches. He lives for the funk as well as ensuring Hip-Hop culture always has a definitive voice. Or something like that. Sounded good though, right?

Beat Billionaire

Torch x DJ Scream – UFO Vol. 2 Mixtape

By TC | 2 Comments

Sure, the balance of buzz may be a little lopsided in the Maybach Music empire, but that's not for a lack of talent.

50 Cent

Erick Sermon – Breath Of Fresh Air Mixtape

By TC | 6 Comments

Tony Toca was giving E Double's new effort some shine on SHADE45 and the verdict is definitely a 180° to the bulk of the culture's current climate.

Alex Nazari

Tyga Feat. Wale, Fabolous, Young Jeezy, Meek Mill & T.I. – “Rack City” Video

By TC | 6 Comments

Internet killed the remix star and created a zombie wasteland of fruitless song extensions.


Pyrex Pre$$ Feat. YD – “Against The Wall” Video


A d-boy usually has a chiropractor on speed dial from all the bruises their vertbrate endure as a result from corner hogging.

Black Belt Theatre

Planet Asia & Doo Wop – The Arrival Mixtape


From underneath the crushed vials and broken pipes on the asphalt, Planet Asia is moving past the "crack belt" and opening up on a dojo for his latest narrative, Black Belt Theatre.

Careless World: Rise Of The Last King

Tyga’s “Careless World” Pulled From Best Buy & Target, Still Projected To Sell Upward Of 70K

By TC | 6 Comments

There's pretty solid deductive reasoning as to why Hip-Hop doesn't sound much like its conventional self these days.

9th Wonder

Loosies: Marcus Manchild, DJ Naim & Doughbeezy Host The 2012 Trill Awards With Scarface, Bun B & More

By TC | 2 Comments

While he's already building quite the rep for himself with his unabashed point of view, Marcus Manchild has decided to up the ante on his buzz by looking to a couple of well versed O.


LE$ – “Like This (Live From The Hogpen)” Video


I once had a b*tch named Mandy May but this thing right here isn't about me.


FKi Feat. Natasha Mosley – “We Gon Kick It (Craig & Deebo)” Video


Friday/Fried Day is one in the same when you're rolling with FKi.


Video: Jean Grae’s “Cake Or Death” Trailer

By TC | 6 Comments

The revolution will not be televised but it shall be recorded in high quality at the doorstep of a bakery battered in blood.


Video: Mr. Vegas Goes Unplugged For His “Sweet Jamaica” Single

By TC | 3 Comments

Unbeknown to most Americans still dropping low to "Heads High" in the club every weekend, Mr.


Coming Attractions: Idle Warship Live In Atlanta


Have you ever heard the term "Brooklanta.

Amber Rose

Valentine’s Day Advice From LoveRance On The “7 Fast Women We’d Put A Ring On”

By TC | 8 Comments

Graphics: BEWARE Valentine's Day is about lust just as much it is about love, but those cutesy Hallmark cards and Zales commercials won't ever give you the full skinny.

Estevan Oriol

What If Rosa Acosta Was Your Housekeeper?

By TC | 17 Comments

Househould chores have experienced an underlying sexual fetish since June Cleaver cleaned toilets in black and white, so who the hell is Rosa Acosta to screw with tradition.

Hello (Karmin Album)

Karmin Kind Of Killed It On SNL

By TC | 16 Comments

Due to their endless barrage of YouTube videos, which was capsized thanks to a flawless rendition of "Look At Me Now," Karmin has been considered a novelty act up onto this point.

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