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John Gotty™, Editor-In-Chief — Simply stated, “Bigger And Deffer” would be Gotty’s tagline and working mantra, the goal being to always create on a higher level. Find him on Twitter, @JohnGotty, and Facebook,

TC, Managing Editor — TC is to The Smoking Section like trees are to branches and cliffs are to avalanches. He lives for the funk as well as ensuring Hip-Hop culture always has a definitive voice. Or something like that. Sounded good though, right? He’s on Twitter if you’re oh-so inclined @The_TSS_TC.

David Dennis, Senior Staff Writer and Features Editor — David D. will Ric Flair chop you into oblivion if you insult his comic book collection. He will also write about Hip-Hop from time to time. Follow him on Twitter @DavidDTSS.

Justin Tinsley, Senior Staff Writer — Justin is ranked 10th in the “Most Interesting Man In The World” list and rising thanks to co-signs from Hugh Hefner, Barack Obama and the late Bernie Mac. Find him on Twitter at @JustinTinsley.

Paola, Design Director — How do we stay looking good? Mostly by P’s keen eye for bringing it all together so well. When she’s not with us, you can find her at

Talia, Graphics Editor — It usually works like this: Gotty™ dreams up a random idea and Talia takes his meanderings and applies them to the images dispersed throughout the site. Hailing all the way from New Zealand, she can be found online at

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