10 Instances Of Nelly Furtado Looking Gloriously Thick

By TSSCrew | 9/11/2012
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As Americans, we always sometimes like to poke fun at Canada because, well, it's Canada. But not all corny things come from Moose Country. Case in point, Nelly Furtado. Aside from being a magnificent singer-songwriter, the British Columbia native is quite the underrated thick'ums. Sure she isn't as thick as her counterparts but those hips, legs and thighs shall not and cannot be denied.

The lesson you learned today: Not every woman needs to be Nicki Minaj to have a favorable curve ratio.

BONUS! Video of Nelly in a black lace jumpsuit, looking thicker than a pot of gumbo!

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    TSSCrew posted
    "10 Instances Of Nelly Furtado Looking Gloriously Thick"

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