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Brandy Was The One That Got Away

By J. Tinsley | 8 Comments

No, not that Brandy When it's all said and done, our parents' generation will probably end up staking claims to the one with the best music.

Just Blaze

Eminem Feat. Lil Wayne – “No Love” Video

By Gotty™ | 12 Comments

Earl & E

Young Chris Is On That “Philly Sh*t”

By Gotty™ | 14 Comments

"It's the fresh prince of the city, no Carlton in here, Soulchild of the music (Musiq), it's the home of The Roots, Living life like it's golden, bumpin' Jill in the coupe." New shit here, "Philly Shit" to be right & exact. Young Chris is about to catch the break that's alluded him since the Roc dissolved.


Duck Sauce – “Barbara Streisand” Video

By Beware | 6 Comments

Don't be turned off by the name of the song or group, because A-Trak and Armand Van Heldon's eventful new video for "Barbara Streisand" is one of the most enjoyable virals of the year.

Sick Animation

Family Matters Theme Gets A Rock Revamp

By Beware | 5 Comments

Less than two weeks after getting an indie rock version of Twin Peaks' theme song, another nostalgic '90s television series gets the cover treatment, as online musician/artist/entrepreneur Sick Animation has put an acoustic spin on the intro from the show that gave us Steve Urkel.

"Fifteen Minutes With..."

TSS Presents Fifteen Minutes With PUSH! Montana

By TC | 12 Comments

The lines of fact and fiction in Hip-Hop have been blurred indefinitely with no clear exit strategy to the gateway of infallibility.


The B*tch*ssness Of Modern Man

By Gotty™ | 77 Comments

Could the over-appreciation of trends and styles be fashionable...or fassy boy? A friend and I spoke on this two weeks ago, as it relates to male R&B singers, and Killer Mike and I had a similar conversation yesterday. "it seems, the onset of blogs (and the ultimate re-blog of that one blog post) and certain famous men who have suddenly been bit by the high fashion bug who also make it a habit to vent their emotions on every public platform possible are to blame. "as a straight girl who has many gay friends and an older gay brother to boot, if a straight guy approached me and said; 'I LOVE YOUR LANVIN CLUTCH,' my natural response would be 'THANKS GIRL.' i mean, it’s just too jarring. the only boys who compliment me on my labels are the ones who want to wear my pieces, ie: usually gay boys. i think a compliment to my style or fashion is nice, but a compliment to prove you’re versed in the language of fashion is too obvious. "it’s not to say that a man can’t like or even love fashion, because i know plenty that do and are secure in their manhood – but this breed is different. being dapper has been important for for ages…but these boys who are SUDDENLY so forced about being fashion forward (and i say suddenly because it’s obvious which ones are trying) are a major scratch in a record that makes most girls stop and go 'WHAT?'." Read the rest of "The Sissification Of The Modern Man: Fad Or Epidemic?" at VA$HTIE's.

New Balance 577

Size? x New Balance “Estates Pack”

By Gotty™

Fresh off their recent collaboration with Nike, retailer Size? teams with New Balance to add nice details to New Balance's 577 model for another desirable, versatile sneaker.

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