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“You Must Learn!”

By Gotty™ / 09.05.08

So, it’s been a few since the last time. You’ll have to pardon me for the lack of writing on what I’ve read. But it’s been more because I’ve managed to run across one interesting hardcover after another. Couple that with what’s been a completely jacked up schedule & it didn’t leave much time to give you any book reports.

Nevertheless, here’s a few of note that are worth a read & they should hold you over til we meet come back to this space again.

Reefer Men: The Rise and Fall of a Billionaire Drug Ring by Tony Thompson

Want to know how hundreds of tons (yes, TONS) of Thai weed made it to the US throughout the 70′s & 80′s and hundreds of millions (yes, HUNDREDS of millions) of dollars were made in the process? Read the story of “The Ring” – a consortium of sixteen smugglers who lived the life and the criminal case to bring their epic reign to an end. Props to Neil D. for turning me on to this one.

Nike Air Force I 25th Anniversary Book & Bobbito’s Where’d You Get Those?

Coffetable readers for sneakerheads. I copped two of the Anniversary Book — one to rock, one to stock.

Giant Steps – Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

If you thought all there was to Kareem was sky hooks, goggles & quiet fury, consider yourself mistaken.

Midnight Mover: The True Story of the Greatest Soul Singer in the World by Bobby Womack

Despite the braggadocios title, Bobby has contributed so much to the world of music, having worked with seemingly every single name that you can imagine: Clapton, Sam Cooke, Jimi, Aretha and many more. The better part is that he’s got personable tales regarding everyone he encountered. I bought/received this book three times in a two week span (don’t ask lol)…but it was well worth it.

The Night Of The Gun by David Carr

The story James Frey wanted to pull off but hadn’t lived & eventually was exposed for as a result. For better or worse, David Carr lived it while maintaining a career as a journalist. Smoking crack with your pregnant wife. Snorting anthills of the devil’s nose candy. Drinking binges. And then, recovering. He even manages to fight cancer, name drop David Simon as a close colleague & Tom Arnold as a coke buddy, making it all the more entertaining. Dark humor & personal satire at it’s best.

Skinema by Chris Nieratko

Tucker Max claims to be a dick. For some reason, I believe him but you can sense a contrived nature to his story. I truly believe Chris Nieratko is the dick that Tucker wanted to be.

By the looks of it, Nieratko seems like one of those funny, asshole white dudes whose antics & attitude would make for fun vacations or nights at the bar. Antisocial, at times belligerent & able to ingest just about any substance put before him (he’s with the Jackass dudes), nothing seems to be off-limits in terms of what he’d do or what he’s willing to share on paper with the reader. Masked as what were supposed to reviews of porn for magazines, these are the collected works of Nieratko that never actually review any actual smut. Instead, porn is the spark for his various tales of debauchery involving wine, women & friends told in a tongue in cheek fashion.

I read this one a few weeks ago so I can’t remember specific passages & such. But since I read at bedtime, I do remember that on a few occasions, I had to either smother my face in the pillow or literally get out of bed to keep from laughing at this idiot. If I ever see this dude, I’d buy him a couple of shots as additional payment for the enjoyment & laughs this book brought me.

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